1. Modern Pandas (Part 2): Method Chaining

    Author's Note

    Good news everyone, Wes has announced a 2nd edition of Python for Data Analysis!

    The first edition ...

  2. Pipelines and Categoricals

    My favorite feature of scikit-learn is its pipelines. These are a nice convenience for putting together a chain of operations from raw data to classifier. More importantly, they help prevent training data from leaking into your validation, so I use them whenever possible.

    Pandas somewhat recently added a Categorical dtype ...

  3. Feature Complete

    Getting involved with pandas a couple years ago turned out to be one of the most fruitful choices I've made. I've learned so much from the other contributors (the ones who really do a ton of work, unlike me) like Jeff, Stephan, Joris, Masaaki, and others.

    That said ...

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