1. Quiz 4 Review

    Some people were circling the samples. ANOVA is all about comparing how spread out the means are relative to how spread out the samples are. If two means are far away (relative to how spread out the samples are) the means will be in separate clusters.

    The number of clusters ...

  2. Quiz 3 Review

    Take a look a ICON for the solutions on this one. There's a brief explanation of each answer. It's harder to give feedback on this one since it's multiple choice, so email me if you have any questions.

    Remember that this week's homework was over \(\chi^2\) ...

  3. Quiz 2 Review

    Much better this week! Keep it up. If you see (half) anywhere on your quiz that means that you missed an earlier question, which caused you to miss the later question. So you did everything correct on the later question, but you didn't get the right answer because of ...

  4. Tacking the CPS (Part 2)

    We downloaded two types of files last time:

    • CPS monthly tables: a fixed-width format text file with the actual data
    • Data Dictionaries: a text file describing the layout of the monthly tables

    Our goal is to parse the monthly tables. Here's the first two lines from the unzipped January ...

  5. Quiz 1 Review

    • General remarks

      • read the questions carefully, especially the bold and underlined parts.
      • The full solutions are on ICON.
    • Section A01

    • Section B42

    Section A01


    • Don't mix up the sample statistic with the sample. The sample is a group of some objects (bars, people, etc.). The statistic is some ...
  6. Tackling the CPS

    Before diving in, you should know a bit about the data. I was working with the monthly microdata files from the CPS. These are used to estimate things like the unemployment rate you see reported every month. Since around 2002, about 60,000 households are interviewed 8 times each over ...

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